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Our culture at West Suites is all about fostering community and teamwork. We encourage every member of our team to further their education and express their individuality!

Sara Dawson

RPNurse, Owner & Operator
west suites & Hush Cosmetic Injections

Hush Cosmetic Injections is Kingston’s new age cosmetic clinic offering anti-wrinkle injections and dermal filler enhancements. Sara is the owner and sole cosmetic nurse injector who brings a unique and fresh approach to facial rejuvenation and consistently natural results. Hush is quickly becoming a most trusted and reputable practice that is committed to perfection, integrity and most important, client confidentiality. Sara has an eye for aesthetic beauty and works with you, helping you achieve your cosmetic goals and dreams.

Small business


Hush Cosmetic Injections 

Medical Aesthetics


Aesthetic Injections | Neurotoxin | Dermal Filler | JetPeel | Slim Shot | Fat Dissolving | Sylfirm | Exosomes 

Smile Station YGK

Teeth Whitening

Mal Gilson
Dental Hygienist

Professional Teeth Whitening services provided by a Registered Dental Hygenist. Offering in office and at home whitening options so everyone has an opportunity to achieve a bright smile!

Kingston Massage Therapy

Registered Massage Therapy


Registered massage therapy provided by Kingston’s west end. Specializing in Graston technique, pre/post natal therapy, relaxation, and deep tissue. 

Nicole Willard Nurse Injector

Medical Aesthetics


Aesthetic Injections | Neurotoxin | Dermal Filler 

Aviva Med

Medical Aesthetics


Aesthetic Injections | Authorized Prescriber | Neurotoxin | Dermal Filler | PRP/PRF | Hair Restoration | Microneedling 

Eden Clinic

Medical Aesthetics

Victoria Stilson

Aesthetic Injections | Neurotoxin | Dermal Fillers | PRP | Fat Dissolving 

Red Aesthetic Inject

Medical Aesthetics


Aesthetic Injections | Neurotoxin | Dermal Filler | Fat Dissolving

Haven Injections

Medical Aesthetics


Aesthetic Injections | Neurotoxin | Lip Flip 

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